Growing Homelessness in the UK

Growing Homelessness in the UK
Growing Homelessness in the UK

New research from Crisis has revealed that over 200,000 households in England will be homeless this Christmas. Anika Khan reports.

Homelessness has been rising rapidly in England over the last five years and has seen its peak during the global pandemic. People have been sleeping on the street, in sheds and garages, and other unsuitable places.  

The report have revealed the grave homelessness situation that England is facing right now.

The UK government have initially begun the Everone In Scheme housing over 15,000 people at the beginning of the Pandemic. However, the government failed ot to expand the scheme during the second wave.

The report from the Crisis has revealed that one in every 185 people are living without a home.

The crisis has called out the government to take long-term measures to tackle homelessness and start investing in social housing.

The organization has also urged the government to ensure that housing benefits provided to the citizens cover the standard rent of the country.

Crisis Chief executive, Jon Sparkes warned that with the long-lasting economic damage and unemployment left by the pandemic, homelessness will increase more drastically in the coming month.

Sparkes asked to look into long term solutions, “such as building the social homes we desperately need and ensuring that housing benefit continues to cover the true cost of rents so that people can afford to keep their homes.”

The unprecedented actions regarding homelessness in the UK have shown Boris’s inadequacy in running the country.

To come forward and help the homeless people contact Crisis, CenterPoint, and Shelter. Help a family this Christmas. Give back to society.