Games Review- The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Games Review- The Jackbox Party Pack 3
Games Review- The Jackbox Party Pack 3

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I found I got very bored easily and usually found myself and others in my household not spending much time together.

Once, lockdown started to ease and we were allowed to see others, I was introduced to this game and I wish I knew about it before. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is the answer to all our prayers and the best way to play a game for all the family and friends (following social distancing).

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is one out of 6 different packs that you can play, and gives you a chance to play 5 party games; Guesspionage, Fakin It, Murder Trivia Party, T-shirt Knockout and Quiplash, which is available to play up to 8 players. The best thing is that the controllers for the game are your mobile phones.

The first game is to see how good at estimating you are. The point of Guesspionage is to try to guess the percentage of a statement. Whoever gets the closest to the correct percentage wins the most points but if you’re out by a certain amount of percent, you get no points.. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins. This game mode is very factional and depicts how good you are at estimating so it’s good for those who are very good at guessing.

The second game, Fakin It, is to try to figure out who is lying with their answers. Everyone will get a question and the faker needs to blend in. I found this one was fun to play and can get very funny as everyone tends to focus on each other a lot more. It is a really funny mode and I recommend trying this one out.

The third game, Murder Trivia Party, is a Trivia Quiz but those who lose, turn into ghosts. The person with the most money won gets the chance to get out. This is another fun mode as it tests your knowledge as well as test other parts of your knowledge such as remembering patterns, so this is a game which includes a lot of thinking.

The fourth game, T-shirt Knockout, is a game where you get to create t-shirts and they can be funny or if your humor swings that way, as dark and offensive as possible. You can draw a design and put a slogan for the shirt. Then everyone’s top gets put into a knockout till one is left. There are 3 rounds to play and the winning t-shirts of all rounds get put into the final and whoever wins the final, wins the game. This can be really funny and have you laughing so much and is one that is recommended to play.

The last game, Quiplash, is a personal favorite. A statement is shown on your phone and you need to fill in the blanks with whatever you can think of. Yet again, depending on humor sense, can be offensive or can be hilarious. This is my favorite as it leaves me in tears of laughter and is personally, my favorite mode to play in this pack.

The pack is so funny for family and friends to play. It’s suitable for all ages and you just need to adapt your language to the ages playing to make it suitable but in general, it is suitable for everyone but is recommended for 13 and above due to some crude jokes but in general, is suitable for the family. I wish I knew more about this game before lockdown as this is brilliant to kill time with the family or friends.