Film Friday: Top movies to watch this weekend!

Film Friday
Film Friday: Top movies to watch this weekend!

Weekend is here and now it’s time to find something good to watch. So here we are with a guide of what to watch this fall. To make your weekend more delightful and less boring don’t forget to stream those.

Dragon Rider

This German-made English language film was delayed because of covid19, but makes its way to American audiences via Netflix. Firedrake is a silver dragon on an adventure to get out of hiding and find a new dragon haven, and along the way he meets an orphan and a forest spirit. You know the drill. 

200 Halla Ho

ZEE5 film 200 Halla Ho is inspired by true events. It shows how a group of 200 Dalit women killed a rapist in the courtroom before his trial. The film stars Amol Palekar, Rinku Rajguru, Barun Sobti, and Saloni Batra, among others. You can watch it if you wish to know-how, in 2004, a group of women avenged their oppression and molestation at the hands of a repeat offender.

Rise: Ini Kalilah

Inspired by Malaysia’s 14th General Election. This Malaysian movie follows the lives of six individuals – a businessman, teacher, reporter, student, police officer, and a Malaysian working in Singapore and the obstacles they face leading up to the historic event.

Networker Baire

Networker Baire is a Bangladeshi adventure drama film written and directed by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. The film delivered some beautiful scenery, good acting, and a simple yet wonderful story about friendship.  The story is about four friends who graduated from university recently and planned a tour. During the tour, they have a great time wandering around and exploring nature with greatest tragic.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the titular killer, who was raised and trained by her handler (Woody Harrelson). This assassin’s one creed is to never murder a target in front of a child. Well, she breaks that rule by taking out a yakuza thug while his daughter watches. Later, Kate discovers the yakuza has slipped her a deadly poison and she has just 24 hours to live. She decides to go on one last mission in Tokyo to avenge her own soon-to-occur death, but must rely on an unlikely person for help.