Film Friday: 5 movies that restore our faith in humanity!

Film Friday
Film Friday: 5 movies that restore our faith in humanity

During winter, even when it’s holiday that is a great time to watch movies that make us feel good. They warm our hearts, melt it with emotions. Today we are with five films that teach us about the good of humanity. 


This new Netflix original does not only have breathtaking animation, but a very sweet story and fun characters. It is an origin story for Santa Claus, from the point of view of a mailman. He is assigned to a community that has been at war for a very long time, and no one sends mail to each other anymore. However, he meets Klaus, who wants to give children toys. So he uses Klaus to get children to send mail and they receive gifts. The little acts of kindness slowly changes and challenges the community.

Little Miss Sunshine

This outstanding film is about a dysfunctional family road trip to a pageant for little girls. The main character wants to be in the competition and the family all drive a long distance to get her there. They all of their own issues but band together for Olive, which is adorable. The lesson of the film is that beauty contests suck and that people should just be allowed to do what they love without contest.

New Year Blues

“New Year Blues” follows four very different couples as they spend a memorable week over New Year’s Eve, each with their own challenges, desires, and concerns. From a police detective to a paralympic snowboarder, this collection of distinctive characters are faced with a variety of relationship issues during the final week of the year. Will these four couples be able to discover a turning point in their lives before the new year? If you’re a fan of the renowned film “Love Actually,” you’re most likely to fall in love with this movie as well.


Often called a “quirky fairytale,” this French-romance film from 2001 was loved for its whimsical and playful tone. The main protagonist had a tragic childhood. She tries to get over all that by being someone who gives to others in need. She does not just give to the needy though, as she finds very creative and interesting ways to create happiness in others. The film has won numerous awards and it would be no surprise for it to end up as a number one favorite film for some.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the most famous movies of all time, and part of that reason is that it’s just plain sweet. It is from the point of view of Forrest, who has a very low I.Q. Despite not being conventionally smart, he has a lot of heart. The film is the story of his life, which has seen a ton of North American histories such as war, protest, and death. Since he is not the sharpest tool in the drawer, Forrest sees the world as a rather simple place and it is a refreshing narrative, especially when he sees a lot of darkness.