Film Friday: 5 films on Netflix to watch this weekend!

Film Friday: 5 films on Netflix to watch this weekend!
Film Friday: 5 films on Netflix to watch this weekend!

Netflix has been constantly updating its channel with new movies. This week we bring you a list of movies that you can watch on Netflix over the weekends!

Venom starring Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy plays the lethal protector Venom in marvel’s most enigmatic movie by the same name. The action movie follows the character of Hardy who is a journalist trying to fight a mad scientist. Eddie gets merged with an alien and its lethal abilities that give him superpowers.

#Alive staring Yoo Ah-In

The South Korean Zombie movie is directed by Cho-Il-Hyung. The movie is based on the script ‘Alone’ which was written by Matt Naylor in 2019. The story follows the life of a video gamer who is suddenly confronted with a zombie apocalypse outside his apartment.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

It has been two years since Cole defeated a satanic cult that was led by his babysitter named Bee. Now Cole finds himself face to face with his enemies from the past and the evil forces that they possess. This horror-comedy is the new addition to Netflix.

Cargo starring Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi

The movie depicts the life of Massey who has been leading a monotonous routine for most of his life. He has become accustomed to staying alone over a long period of time and this has put an impact on his behavior and habits. On the other hand, we meet Tripathi, a girl full of life, and knows how to live each moment to the fullest.

Johnny English reborn starring Rowan Atkinson

This spy comedy film from 2011 is the second installment of the series Johnny English. Our most favorite spy is back after being trained in martial arts while his time in Tibet. He has lost hish knighthood after failing to protect the elected president of Mozambique. He has been called back to work for the Mi7 to hunt down an assasin.