Fall Guys takes to the esports world

Fall Guys takes to the esports world
Fall Guys takes to the esports world

The first-ever Fall guys tournament took place this week and 80 of your favorite streamers were invited to take part. Libby Sparks reports. 

Fall guys have only been out for around a month but have taken the gaming world by storm, only if you have a PC or PS4 of course, but now it is it’s time to turn its attention to the world of esports. 

The fun solo or multiplayer platformer battle royale game complete with colorful graphics was originally intended for children, but its popularity has far surpassed one generation. 

Twitch Rivals was the host for the tournament that took place on the 28th September at 9pm UK time. 

Twitch Rivals is an esports tournament and online competitive event featuring Twitch streamers and former pro players.

There was a joint prize to be won of $50,000 dollars to be split between the leading teams. 

The tournament had a unique scoring system, custom-built for how unique the game is. The system rewarded those who qualified each round from the teams of four. 

Over 1 million viewers took to watching their favorite streamers in the championship. 

Team Castro, consisting of Castro_1021, Bateson87, Tubasuki, and Smash690 took home the crown (for the most crowns) with a combined 425 points, bagging them a cool $7,000 to share.

The event will now take place every Friday due to its success, and will be called ‘Fall Guys Fridays’.