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Fairtrade Foundation Cocoa Quiz

Answer True or False to each of the statements below, and then click the button to reveal the fact from the fiction under each question!

1. Most cocoa is grown in Belgium
2. This is a cocoa pod
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3.This is cocoa pulp
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4. Every stage of cocoa production is done by hand
5. The average age of a cocoa farmer is 30
6. Most cocoa is grown on small family-run farms
7. It takes approximately 1 year for the cocoa tree to bear fruit
8. Each tree produces enough cocoa beans to make just 1 kg of chocolate
9.The difference between cacao and cocoa: Cacao is the tree, cocoa is the pod
10. Amsterdam is the world’s most important cocoa port.
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11.Cocoa butter also comes from cocoa beans
12. Most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate
13. Cocoa trees can only thrive within 15 to 20 degrees latitude from the equator
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14. Cocoa is believed to have been first discovered by the Omlecs in Central America
15. The Spanish are thought to have been the first people to make drinking chocolate
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16. The cocoa bean has been used as a currency
17. The creation of the first chocolate bar is credited to a Brit
18. Cocoa trees are native to West Africa
19. The name Theobroma cacao comes from the Latin for 'food of the angels”
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20. America accounts for almost half the world's chocolate consumption
21. In the UK, we each eat on average 11.5kg of chocolate a year
22. Globally, we consume over 3 billion kilograms of cocoa each year
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23. The UK is the world's largest importer of cocoa beans
24. West Africa grows over 70% of the world’s cocoa
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25. 20% of cocoa farmers in West Africa live in extreme poverty
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26. Children often have to work on cocoa farms using dangerous tools such as machetes
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27. Despite massive profits made by some chocolate companies, cocoa farmers do not earn a living income
28. The people who grow our chocolate deserve to earn a living income
29. Farmers in the Fairtrade system receive benefits to help make farming sustainable
30. Co-op was the first retailer to sell and use only Fairtrade cocoa in all their products
31. Divine was the first farmer-owned confectionary brand in the UK
32. Most cocoa farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire live on less than a $1 a day
33. The main challenge faced by cocoa farmers is poverty
34. Fairtrade chocolate accounts for 12% of total sales in the UK
36. Fairtrade provides many benefits including essential training and support
35. Around 6 million people depend on farming cocoa for their livelihoods
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