Facebook Removes Post by Ex-manager as it has a 'black people problem'

The social media Facebook temporarily removed a post from a former employee who accused the tech firm of having “a black people problem”. It said the memo about racial discrimination violated its “community standards”.
Mark S Luckie, who was Facebook’s strategic partner manager left the job, posted his note publicly on Nov. 27. The post accused Facebook of “failing its black employees and black users” and noted that many black users think “their content is more likely to be taken down on the platform than any other group.” While mostly anecdotal, Luckie wrote that posts by black users have been flagged for hate speech.
The social media giant appeared to prove Luckie’s point this week by removing the letter before eventually reinstating it.
“My first reaction was shock that it happened,” Luckie told the Guardian after he saw that Facebook had flagged his post, saying it “goes against” the site’s standards. “Then I kind of wanted to laugh. I’ve been on so many phone calls and email threads with people having this issue … In an ironic twist, I am dealing with this.”
Luckie tweeted on Tuesday Facebook had proved his point by temporarily removing his critical post about Facebook’s treatment of black users. “Turns out Facebook took down my post challenging discrimination at the company, disabling users’ ability to share or read it,” Luckie tweeted. “Further proves my point.”
> Shiuly Rina