Help Mothers Take A Different Path

In Togo, 1 in 20 babies die before their first birthday. Isn’t that shocking? The truth is that children are dying from easily preventable causes, such as infections, malnutrition and complications in childbirth.
The story of Sowaye demonstrates the challenges that many face. When Sowaye’s daughter died in childbirth, she took her granddaughter, Dellali, in. With no regular income, life was tough for the family and the little girl became ill.
The charity Compassion is working with churches in Togo to support women and babies, like Sowaye and Dellali. Through Compassion Child Survival projects, local community workers help women to access medical support, health screening, hygiene supplies, nutrition and education.
Sowaye has nothing but praise for the way the local team have supported her. “Without Compassion, Dellali would have just passed away,” she says.
Visit to find out how you can raise funds to establish new Child Survival projects in Togo through Compassion’s Different Path Appeal.