DAME VERA LYNN 1917-2020.


The phrase “National Treasure,” is one which is often used in today’s
world. When it comes to Dame Vera Lynn, who recently passed away at the
age of 103, it is highly fitting.

From the time of World War 2, when she became known affectionately as the “Forces’ Sweetheart,” until the present day, she has been held in high regarded by people of all ages and backgrounds, not only because of her fine singing but because of her warm and endearing personality.

Throughout this period, she also set an example that avoided the scandal which has dogged many people in the public eye. One of Dame Vera’s greatest achievements was undoubtedly to become the oldest person ever to have a Top 20 album, with the compilation (combining her voice with a host of other distinguished artists) issued to celebrate her 100th birthday.

In recent weeks, her song “We’ll Meet Again” once again graced the airwaves, as we looked back 75 years to the and of the war in Europe. Dame Vera will be sadly missed and my thoughts and prayers are with her family and her many friends and admirers.