Cuba Gets First Prime Minister In Over 40 Years

Cuba Gets First Prime Minister In Over 40 Years
Cuba Prime Minister

Tourism minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz was named as the prime Minister of Cuba and becomes the country’s first prime minister since 1976.
On Saturday, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has appointed Marrero under a new constitution that seeks to decentralize former leader Fidel Castro’s job.
Some of the responsibilities that falls to the president will be take over by the new Prime Minister Mr Marrero, 56.
The state-run Cubadebate online news outlet said, “The head of government will be the administrative right hand of the president of the republic.”
William LeoGrande, a professor of government and Cuba expert at American University in Washington said, “It’s a division of responsibilities rather than a division of authority.”
“The post was different than in a multiparty system,” he added.
Facts How The PM Appointed:

  • By unanimous ratification from the deputies in the National Assembly on Saturday.
  • Politician who had emerged “from the base” of the tourism industry, one of Cuba’s main sources of foreign exchange.
  • Becoming the president of the military-run Gaviota tourism group, whose hotels are subject to US sanctions under the Trump administration.
  • Named tourism minister in 2004 by Fidel Castro and has great fame providing major boost in tourism sector.
  • Proper handling of relationships with foreign investors.
  • Honesty, ability to work, and loyalty to the Communist Party and the revolution.

Cuban officials say changes in government structure aim to improve accountability and administration of the bureaucracy and state-run economy.
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