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Concert surges, fires, and shootings: Top 5 Concert Tragedies

Doja Cat’s concert in Indianapolis was bomb threatened by a man outside the concert who’s been arrested. It’s not new in the music industry as such mishaps had occurred before. Hence most of the concert mishaps were caused by people’s violent intentions but some were simply accidents that couldn’t be controlled.

Let’s know about the top 5 Concert tragedies known for the chaos and destruction that happened-

1. Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

13 Aug 2011

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Casualty Rate: 7 Deaths

Even though the weather forecast did warn, a crowd of fans still braved the Indiana State Fairgrounds to see the country band Sugarland perform with a severe thunderstorm approaching the Indianapolis area. The debate was ongoing between organizers whether to cancel the show or not by the time it hit hard. The weather eventually worsened, and the massive stage collapsed amid the high winds, killing four people immediately, with three more dying later from their injuries.

2. Love Parade 2010

24 July 2010

Location: Duisburg, Germany

Casualty Rate: 21

The 2010 Love Parade music festival in Duisburg, Germany, caused the deaths of 21 people from suffocation as attendees sought to escape a ramp leading to the festival area. At least 500 more were injured. The closed-off venue was only supposed to hold a limit of 200,000 people, but a bigger crowd of around 1.4 million fans attended the event. It was reported that people were falling off stairs and a total of five hundred concertgoers were injured, and twenty-one people tragically lost their lives. Since then, the Love Parades have been permanently canceled.

3. Manchester Arena suicide bombing 

22 May 2017

Location: Manchester, U.K.

Casualty Rate: 23 Deaths

Ariana Grande’s concert at the U.K. venue in Manchester on 22 May 2017 was under a terrorist attack that killed 23 people and injured more than 1,000. Ariana Grande was not injured, as it happened right after she finished the play. Soon after the incident, Ariana tweeted to share her sorrow and pay consolation. Arian performed a beneficial program to help the victims at the Old Trafford cricket stadium Eleven Days later. 

4. Route 91 Harvest Music Festival 

1 Oct 2017

Location: Las Vegas. The U.S.

Casualty Rate: 60 Deaths

Route 91 Harvest Music Festival of 2017 was one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, where 60 were killed, and hundreds injured after a shooter opened fire at 22,000 concertgoers from a room in the Mandalay Bay hotel Las Vegas Strip. When bullets began to spray the crowd, country singer Jason Aldean was on stage. For the victim’s family loss, MGM Resorts International, the hotel owner, reached an $800 million settlement. 

5. Terror attack at the Bataclan theater in Paris 

13 Nov 2015

Location: Central Paris, France

Casualty Rate: 90 Deaths

Terror attack at the Bataclan theater in Paris left 90 people killed in a crowd of 1,500 attending a concert by California rock band the EDM in Central Paris. It was one of many terrorist attacks which occurred the same day after some gunmen entered the theater and started killing people. They shot into the Bataclan crowd and took them hostage. By the time security forces attempted to rescue, one of the gunmen was shot, and the other two killed themselves with an explosion.

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