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Column: A New Year, A New Era, Let’s Try a New You as Well

By Adam Humphreys
As we now close the door on the year that was 2019, let’s look forward to what 2020 could bring for our well-being.
So, we officially close the door on the year that was 2019 and open a brand new one on the year that is 2020. However, let’s not forget something that we, both as a society and human beings really need to focus on; is our well-being and how we treat each other.
Last year saw a rise in hate-crimes, prejudice and all other kinds of depravity. Some of it down to deep-rooted hatred, some of it due to religious, uncensored voices and political beliefs and much, much more due to our lack of understanding and compassion.
As we take our first steps into 2020 there is one thing that we could seriously do with asking ourselves and that is, ‘how can we make things better for ourselves?’ Well, there is one thing that I know for a fact that we can do and that is working on how we treat ourselves and each other.
If we truly are to move on then it is highly important that we learn from the mistakes of our past, learn to listen to the voice of common sense in us and to trust ourselves to make our own minds up. For the last few months of 2019 we subconsciously allowed certain types of people to tell us what to think, say and behave, and a great many of them weren’t the right people to be listening to. Suffice to say that a great many of us didn’t listen to the voice of reason till it was too late.
So, let us take a few moments to look at what we’ve got coming up ahead of us; Euro 2020, Brexit, Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and Euro 2020 to name but just a few. Also, The Doctor has returned to BBC1, good hey?
With sporting and music events such as Euro 2020 and the Eurovision Song Contest these will be a good time to extend our arms and offer support to those who will need it.
Though many of us don’t like it, many of us just want to ignore it and many more of us just want to hear the end of it; Brexit.
This needs to be the time when we really need our politicians and world leaders to listen to the people. After all it’s not just them that will be bearing the consequences, but an entire nation too, and we really need to unify if we are to stand a chance of being heard.

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