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Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible

Authors: Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené Every black girl or person interested in learning more and getting to understand the experiences of black

Fascism: A Warning

Author: Madeleine Albright Madeleine Albright has first-hand experience of the consequences of fascism, having to flee her native Czechoslovakia when it wa

Red Birds

Author: Mohammed Hanif Major Ellie is on a mission to drop a bomb on a small village in the desert when his plane crashes in the sand. He is wondering abou

Promising Young Women

Author: Caroline O'Donoghue Twenty-something year-old Jane Peters has fallen into a bit of a slump. She has a successful boyfriend and a stable job that br

Future Popes of Ireland

Author: Darragh Martin When Pope John Paul II visits Ireland in 1979 Granny Doyle gets it in her head that the first Irish pope will come from her family.

The Burning Chambers

Author: Kate Mosse A religious war is raging all across France with Catholics and Huguenots at each others throats. So far Minou's life in Carcassonne has managed

Life Honestly: Strong Opinions from Smart Women

Edited by: The Pool For those of you who are not familiar with The Pool, it is a website for women, about issues that concern women, written by wo

Curry 101

Author: Penny Chawla A comprehensive curry recipe book that provides an amazing array of meals across a broad spectrum of cultures. What's more

Grace Jones A to Z

Author: Steve Wilde What a smart and charming book. The illustrations, artistically done by Babeth Lafon, are cool and contemporary, and really en


Author: Deborah Kaloper Cultural cooking made simple - what's not to love? You may think that tacos are easy to make and you need little assistanc