BLM Protesters Face Attacks Across the U.S.

BLM Protesters Face Attacks Across the U.S.

Across the US, antiracist protesters are being met with police attacks, arrests, and ongoing violence. Tara Pilkington reports.

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to hold demonstrators across the US, many demonstrators are falling victim to police violence as federal officers fire tear gas and other crowd-control weapons at them in order to disperse large crowds.

President Trump recently approved the deployment of federal officers in Portland, as well as other major cities, which has sparked a new round of protests across the country.

For example, last week the Trump administration sent a team of federal tactical border officers to Seattle. However, it still remains unclear what role the agents played, as Seattle police arrested many of the BLM protesters and also fired flash grenades and pepper spray into crowds.

Recently in Austin, Texas, a BLM protester named Garrett Foster was shot dead. The victim’s mother has said in a statement that her son was pushing his fiancée’s wheelchair when a car drove into the crowd and the motorist opened fire.

Despite these ongoing attacks, the Black Lives Matter movement is committed to keeping their core values on the agenda and pushing for equality and an end of systemic racism.