Bangladesh launched first cricket gaming app: Howzaat – Mushi The Dependable

“Howzaat – Mushi The Dependable” the very first cricket gaming app made in Bangladesh has been officially launched by Mr. Mushfiqur Rahim, the most beloved star cricketer and former captain of Bangladesh. He inaugurated the gaming app at Amari Dhaka a hotel in the capital on Friday afternoon in the presence of Hon’ble State Minister for ICT Division Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak.

  • The game will be available on Google Play store from 15th October 2021 Mushfiqur Rahim informed whilst inaugurating the gaming app.
  • Mushfiqur Rahim said, ‘The Cricket gaming app has been jointly created by KPC Enterprise and Turtle Solutions Ltd. with me as its ambassador. The app has been developed by 6 programmers of the two organizations in about 5 months. About 60 lakh takas has been invested. The gaming app incorporates almost all types of cricket batting strokes and bowling actions. There are three important modes in the app: General, Multiplayer and Legendary. In general mode a user can choose the opponent; Against which he will play for Bangladesh. Mushfiqur will enter the field. You can choose the tournament of your choice, the playground. There are day-night matches, weather, toss, review system, third umpire’s decision and commentator’s description. All in all, hundreds of options and functions with High-definition graphics have been added to give the feeling of the field sitting at home.’
  • The game has the opportunity for live streaming in multiplayer mode. There can be teams of four or eight people with friends online in different parts of the world. They will be able to play friendly matches or tournaments among themselves and if they want, they can stream it live from their Facebook or YouTube. However, the most interesting mode of “Howzaat Mushi The Dependable” is the Legendary mode.
  • Star Mushfiqur Rahim has played many matches in his career where he has won almost all losing matches alone with his unique batting style. In Legendary mode a user will start playing from a place where it is quite difficult to win. Mushfiqur will have to take the difficult challenge to win the match. This game for the virtual world can be played both online and offline on real time cricket.
  • At the same time, the State Minister ICT Division said that in a short time, a multi-billion-dollar gaming market will be created in Bangladesh and millions of young people will be employed. In the meantime, the ICT Division is setting up labs in 40 universities of the country as well as providing training and financial assistance.
  • Mr. Kazi Sazedur Rahman, Chairman of KPC Enterprise, informed that the beta version of the gaming app was uploaded to the Google App Store and in just 24 hours, more than one lakh 60 thousand subscriptions were added, the game was played 50 lakh times in a week.

Mr. Khan Rifat Salam, Co-founder & Chairman of Turtle Solutions Ltd., of the gaming app, said that Mr. Kazi Sazedur Rahman, Chairman of KPC Enterprise and Mr. Aminul Hakim, President of Internet Service Provider Association of Bangladesh were present at the opening ceremony of the gaming app. Chuibhuna Express is the Co-sponsor and Amari Dhaka is the Hospitality Partner of the Gaming App.