Bake a difference for macular disease

Macular Society
Macular Society

It might just be the commonest disease you’ve never heard of.
Macular disease affects 1.5 million people in the UK today, and more are diagnosed every day. It attacks the back of your eyes, gradually destroying your ability to read, drive or even recognise your family. There’s no cure, and for most people, no treatment.
In 2020, people are still being told: “There’s nothing we can do. Go home and wait to go blind.”
This is unacceptable.
Researchers funded by the Macular Society are working tirelessly to discover what causes macular disease and how we can stop it stealing people’s sight. Our support groups and counselling pick people up when they’re at their lowest and give them back hope for the future. And our training helps people use their remaining sight to continue doing the things they love.
Could you be part of our battle for a future without macular disease?
Hold a bake sale or just get together for a cuppa with friends – we call it Tea for MD. We’ll even send you the posters, cards and tips you need to make it a big success. And even sweeter than your favourite cupcake is the knowledge that every pound you raise brings us closer to Beating Macular Disease.
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