Baby Loss: Coping With Grief

Baby Loss: Coping With Grief
Image Credit: Heart in their Hand

When someone we love dies, we will feel a strong range of emotions. We hope that the following advice and guidance will offer you some comfort.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone, and there are resources avaliable which are designed to offer advice, comfort and support during this incredibly emotional time.


Grief can take over your mind and has even been shown to affect your short-term memory.

The immediate moments or days after the loss of a baby can feel like a blur and leave you feeling shocked, numb and disconnected. Many new parents have also said that after losing their baby that they felt unable to make decisions and their mind felt foggy.

It is not unusual for some parents to feel like they cannot leave their home as the idea of having to explain where their baby is may be too traumatic, while some parents may feel unable to face other new parents with their children due to feelings of jealously towards them.

Don’t underestimate how your hormone levels will change after the birth, and post-natal mood swings and tears are completely normal. These hormonal changes might make your grieving process feel even more testing in the early weeks and months following your loss.

You will need to give yourself time to grieve. Be kind to yourself, avoid trying to block your feelings as this only tends to postpone the grieving process.

Take each moment as it comes, don’t think too far ahead and give yourself credit for getting through each day. Small steps are all you need to start moving forward.

If you’re looking for a gift, either for yourself or a loved one, who has experienced baby loss, read our article about Heart in their Hand and then visit their website to find out more.

For additional support, you can also contact:

Saying Goodbye offers support, advice and a befriending service.

The Child Bereavement Trust has support groups, offers counselling and lots of online resources. They can also help siblings through a bereavement.

Twins Trust is the Twins and Multiple Births Association for support with losing a multiple birth baby.