‘Alex in Black’ returns with ‘Talkin’ Bout a Revolution’

Retratos del DJ Alex in black, Alex Grau
Retratos del DJ Alex in black, Alex Grau

After 25 years away from music, Alex is back behind the steering wheel, ready to release a series of new productions to revive the best musical creations from the 80s and 90s.

‘Talkin’ Bout a Revolution’ is the first on’ is out now on all streaming platforms! With a thick bouncy bassline, an undeniably infectious beat, and a chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head. This Tracy Chapman remix is a fun, danceable track, with nostalgic hints thrown throughout. 

Alex in Black is a Spanish electronic Producer, Songwriter, and Mixer & Artist. Best described as multi-talented & driven, Alex was born with an appetite to see what the world has to offer.

Mostly grounded in the EDM/Pop music scene, Alex can also be found dabbling in Progressive House & Deep House styles, expanding his knowledge of music and its possibilities even further.

You can listen to the track by clicking below: