5 Ways to Recycle Used Clothes

The fashion industry is under enormous pressure to take steps to stem the environmental damage caused by it. Tonnes of used and discarded clothes, shoes and accessories end up in landfills, however, with innovative and creative methods; about 95% of this waste could be salvaged, recycled and reused. Here are 5 ways in which one can help to reduce cloth waste and recycle them.
Introduce clothing recycling bins in your area:

As some cloth  can be recycled, many countries introduced the idea of clothing recycling bins that help to collect old and tear clothes. One can contribute this action by introducing the idea in his/her area if it’s not there.
Donate them to whom who need them:

After collecting the old clothes from the bins one can give them away to less fortunate people in need. Clothes that are not in a wearable condition could be used to make toys, wall arts and other showpieces.
Initiate creative ideas with the cloth waste:

New ideas of entrepreneurship also could be initiated with cloth wastes. New ideas with cloth waste could encourage the youth to engage themselves in the mission of saving the environment.
Compose the waste into fertilizers:

Some fabrics used for the cloths could be composed into fertilizers. Natural fertilizers could also help to farm and reduce the use of chemicals.
Arrange shows with recycled products:

One can arrange exhibitions and fashion shows with the recycled products to increase consciousness and can make  people rethink about the cloth waste.
> Alma Siddiqua