5 sustainable businesses around the globe

5 sustainable businesses around the globe
5 sustainable businesses around the globe

Climate change is upon us. Resources may be scarce, ecosystems may be threatened, and the situations are being dreadful. Despite that, some people are trying to save our planet. Here is a list of 5 businesses that are doing their bit to save the globe.


Switching to plant-based eating is a dramatic way to reduce your environmental impact, and allplants has made it. Its mission is to make doing so easy and delicious. The company delivers nutritious plant-based frozen meals from rainbow falafel to cauli tikka masala, direct to your door. Its packaging is also fully recyclable, and sent to you via carbon neutral delivery methods.

For details: allplants.com/

Chip[s] Board

Founded by Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll in London, Chip[s] Board is an innovative biomaterial company that turns food waste from potatoes to coffee grounds into biodegradable bio plastic composites. It also collaborated with Cubitts London to produce sleek glasses frames and provided fashion designer Isabel Fletcher with stylish buttons for her clothing designs.

For details: www.chipsboard.com/

Echotex Limited

A leading Bangladesh vertical setup with facilities for knitting, dyeing, digital and screen printing, laundry, and garments. This Platinum-rated industry received certification on March 13, 2017. It was founded in 2001. It promises diversity, quality fabrics, and materials, skilled craftsmanship. It delivers 3.5 million garment units per month.

For details: www.echotex.com/


Founded by Erik Nygard and Ning Zhang in 2013, Limejump is a leader in the sustainable energy sector. Using data science and AI, the company connects renewable energy generators with trading markets, innovatively stores surplus energy. It manages one of the world’s largest centrally controlled battery asset portfolios.

For details: www.limejump.com/


Komodo has been creating and perfecting their range of affordable, on-trend eco fashion for 30 years. Based in north London, its whole supply chain is Soil Association and GOTS certified. Komodo trades fairly with factories in Nepal, China, Indonesia and Turkey. Its designers visit these places regularly and work closely with the people there, who bring their ideas sustainably and beautifully to life.

For details: www.komodo.co.uk/