5 factors how Covid-19 epidemic luring away young minds off

It started in 2020 and still going on over the whole earth one of the deadliest epidemics ever. Whereas the most affected ones are Gen Z.

5 factors how Covid-19 epidemic luring away young minds off

The epidemic is luring away the young generation now. The reason behind these are as follows:

1. Political Skepticism

The lack of trust in political parties has been the prime reason why gen Z is lying low. Having better trust in the government implies that it must serve everyone equally which most of the countries in the world fail to attain. This remarkably puts a negative effect on young adults these days which is why they are turning their back off from the government. They display a lot less confidence and not relying on the political leaders who have failed to provide a better response to the Covid-19 crisis. 

2. Uncertainty of Future

While fighting a pandemic young people are also fighting for their hope of living a better life after getting a graduation degree maybe or enrolling themselves into the dream job which was cherished throughout his/their whole life. But because of the present situation, this seems like an unreal scenario to them. 

3.Lie Flat

Gen of young people is now adopting a new philosophical theory lying flat, this involved the idea of laying low and pursuing a simple life. In another sense that resembles a little of the idea of minimalistic lifespan. All thanks to pandemic ‘lie flat’ now make more sense to the young mind. 

4. Survivor of Deprecation

According to reports young people claiming they are achieving less and are being exhausted doing hard work for such little reward. 

5. Fewer Opportunities

In line with applicants’ young people aren’t getting into jobs as the competition is higher than required. Being rejected and competing for no attaining results make them unwilling to contend for more opportunities when it’s a lot less.