3 young activists: You probably don’t know about them!

youth activist
3 young activists: You probably don’t know about them!

There are quite a few young activists who work for society tremendously.  To make a better world they raising their voices. Young people are proving to everyone that there’s no age limit for social change. Today we are discussing among them three activists respectively. They are still young and shining like a star.

Amariyanna Copeny

American activist and internet personality

Copeny is a young ambassador for the Flint water crisis. The kid wrote to then-president Barack Obama asking if he could meet on her trip to Washington DC to discuss the situation in Flint. She dubbed herself “Little Miss Flint” and continues to fight for clean water. Although she did not get to meet with the president on her trip to DC, Obama made sure to visit her during his trip to Flint. She told President Obama that what was happening in Flint needed to change.

Gavin Grimm

Transgender activist

This young transgender activist sued his Virginia high school for banning him from using the boy’s bathroom. His case went all the way to the Supreme Court. He continues to fight for equality for trans students and to amplify trans voice. His story is inspiring and sheds light on the difficulties trans students face.

Winter BreeAnne


Winter BreeAnne says she never saw herself becoming an activist, but by age 15, she had already founded her own advocacy organization. Black Is Lit began as an Instagram page hoping to even the playing field of racial representation on the app and quickly transformed into a national movement. Inspired by Parkland student activists and the March For Our Lives, Winter also helped organize the National School Walkouts and joined TOMS as a spokesperson for their groundbreaking gun violence prevention campaign.