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3 Successful Musicians Who Turned Fashion Designers

Fashion has always had a special connection with music. It doesn’t take a genius to see how easy it is to benefit from, and many musicians have already done so. Here are three of the most well-known musicians-turned-designers, as well as their most recent achievements.

Beyoncé for House of Dereón***

Queen Bey’s career already included singer, dancer, and actor. so it was only a matter of time before she added fashion designers to her list of achievements. Beyoncé created a brand of stylish ready-to-wear inspired and named after her late grandmother with the help of her mother Tina Knowles. It becomes famous for designing Destiny’s Child’s oh-so-early millennial matching ensembles. Beyoncé is involved with the House of Deréon. Her song “Get Me Bodied” addresses the apparel line. Hip-hop elements are mixed with ultra-feminine touches like embroidery and ruffles.

Wu-Tang Clan for Wu-Wear***

Wu Wear originated as a response to the growing demand for bootleg Wu-Tang T-shirts. It has since grown into a line of designer clothing and accessories. With fair price points and a reputation of combating bootleggers, it’d be difficult to promote any Wu Wear-branded items. Try this cool personalized lighter from Etsy boutique Yoyong if you simply need a little Wu style to carry in your pocket.

Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B.***

Stefani’s label, Liberty started its journey in 2004. As a reflection of the singer/songwriter’s style. Her most recent RTW Spring collection embodies a more polished aesthetic while retaining the urban vibe that established the company a decade ago. Shoes, watches, bags, and a fragrance named “L” are some of the accessories produced by the fashion label. Love. Angel. Music. Baby is an acronyms for her debut solo album. Guatemalan, Japanese, Indian, and Jamaican clothes were all impacted by the collection. Stefani was born into a sewing family. This motivated her desire to start her own fashion line. Celebrities such as Teri Hatcher, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, and Stefani herself were fans of the collection. Its annual gross income peaked at $90 million at one point.

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