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1970’s street fashion is making a comeback this November

The insanely dramatic street fashion of the 70’s is back and raring to go. 

Street fashion in the 1970s was always bold and exaggerated. The majority of the fashion was influenced by music legends such as David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and Pink Floyd. 50 years later, we still celebrate these artists and the streets of the ’70s is back, so be prepared for a lot of double denim and dramatic sleeves this season.

Flared trousers are the fashion symbol of the ’70s. Psychedelic rock bands were the main influence of the flared trouser and floral shirt combo. Not only are these trousers easy to find, but they’re also pretty reasonable prices too. Sustainable fashion brands such as the House of Sunny and WEARTH have a great selection to fit this groovy trend. 

The ’70s were a time of strikes, gaining women’s rights, and bending the rules. A street style that has made a comeback this autumn is the oversized blazer. Women in this era liked to challenge the ideas of gender fashion and pair an oversized blazer with masculine trousers. Fast fashion brand ZARA’s  DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER  is a sophisticated alternative to the classic blazer that screams chic.

Leather knee-high boots were the ‘go-to’ shoe back then. They polished off the glam-rock obsession and were worn by both genders. Today, these boots are back in season and available at retailers such as OFFICE and ASOS, they’re most likely available at your local charity shop too.  Trench coats, wide-leg jeans, and turtlenecks are also a classic 70’s fashion statement to look out for this Autumn. 

Whether you’re into patterns or prints, denim or cotton, you’re guaranteed to find something that envisions this fabulous era from your favorite retailer this season.

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