10 ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Things!

The only liveable planet yet known in this infinite universe produces 2 billion tons of municipal wastages every year. We should get used to recycling, reusing, and above all reduce our waste to the personal level.  

Thus 10 ways to be adopted to recycle, reuse and reduce –

All homemade!

Handmade and homemade stuff is the best. This helps to recycle neglected items, and your DIY habits will get better. 

Alternative Transportation

Try to avoid as much as possible carbon emission. Public transport over personal vehicles ways out for less emission and environmental pollution. If you cannot go for a public vehicle then walk or start cycling instead. 

Buy Eco-friendly

Smart and responsible shopping. Buy easily recyclable items, long-lasting things, items not wrapped individually, and use the digital version of bills and receipts. 


You can always donate any of your belongings to the ones who are in need. So they will reuse them and help society and our nature to stay put. 

Local Goods

Buy local is a good step ahead to reduce. Anyone can buy their belongings from the local and nearest shops or markets. On one hand, this will help the economy and another way you will get good items at a cheaper rate. 

Multiple usage

Reusing materials that you already have also allow you to spend less. Using a coffee mug, carrying a water bottle, and reusing steel straw would help to waste management. 

No Food Waste

Stopping food waste is a great help to reduce. You can try and grow your own, freshly home-grown food items also helpful to our health and you won’t have to eat canned and processed foods that are harmful to health and nature. 

Smart Shopping

To some extent reduce means reuse. When it comes to shopping always buy durable, long-lasting, and multiple-use goods.  

Say No to Plastic

Cutting out plastic from daily activities could help a lot more to reduce. Always look for organic products, toxic-free packaged, and can be reused.

Waste Management

Wearing degradable clothes can minimize climate calamity. Also, don’t throw away your waste instead try to compose them into fertilizers.