Apex Legends Season 11 Launches new Trailer

A new season of Apex Legends is within a reach. This will be the 11th Season of the franchise, officially titled “Escape,” which launches in early November.

  • The new season will bring about a new playable character in Ash, who appeared before in the game. But now, exclusively it’s announced that there will be a new map too. These new additions will truly make Apex Legends Escape, more exciting obviously. 
  • The Launch Trailer is out for Apex Legends: Escape, which has revealed a tropical island map coming to the battle royal game. The trailer was released on October 21 via its YouTube channel and showed a detailed look at the game about what is coming next in the new season. The island shown in the trailer will be the subject of the new map. A beautiful island with sandy beaches, palm trees, and plenty of water along with some exceptional structures are on the map, as well. 
Season’s exclusive-new character ‘Ash’
  • There are abandoned warehouses, and what looks like some sort of crashed spaceship lying on the shore. It’s almost a given that developer Respawn will look to expand the lore and story of Apex Legends with its newest map. With the days getting colder outside, it seems appropriate that they effectively warm up in-game.
  • The Launching Trailer shows plenty of Ash, recently added as the newest character for Apex Legends. The new island map is the fourth map for Apex Legends and will be available in the game when the next season, Escape, begins on November 2. 
  • Taking an interesting turn, the name of the new map wasn’t mentioned in the video. The remaining information will likely reveal when the gameplay reveal goes down on October 25. 
  • Apex Legends has become a serious competitor to Fortnite in such a short space of time and has accumulated a loyal fan base thanks to the consistent updates that the game receives an array of maps and characters to choose from.
  • Here is the world reveal of Apex Legends Season 11, the free-to-play hero shooter game, for a look at Apex Legends: Escape and the dangers that await.

The talk about the game has spread all over already that there is plenty to look forward to over the coming days and weeks as we find out more about Apex Legends Season 11.