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Extinction Rebellion: 3 Opportunities to Get Involved!

Extinction Rebellion are really stepping up their game. Their protests outside Parliament are quickly gaining infamy, and their movement is growing fast. Although it’s an in

Parliament of the Apes: Banksy’s new painting sells for nearly 10 million

by George Biggs Jaws dropped earlier this week when Banksy’s new piece, a large painting depicting The House of Commons occupied by chimpanzees, sold for

Trump faces an official impeachment inquiry after controversial memos released

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced yesterday that Trump’s alleged violations of the constitution warrant an official impeachment inquiry. S

Outrage in Parliament as PM Johnson claims getting Brexit done would “honour the memory of Jo Cox”

by George Biggs After the British Supreme Court ruled that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful, the abruptly halted session resumed yesterday. Tensions were h

The heat is on: poll reveals climate change is considered more of an issue than ever

By George Biggs HOPE not hate, a prominent anti-fascist and anti-racist protest group, commissioned a poll that reveals what many could already guess: climate cha

Brexit delay offers to be rejected by PM

By Shayan Shakir Boris Johnson says he will be informing the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker that the UK will not be delaying Brexit pas

UK Parliament suspension ruled unlawful

Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue, or suspend parliament, has been declared unlawful by Scottish judges. At the Scottish appeal court three judges, ch

UK braces for general election after rebel Tories enable a government defeat

By Shayan Shakir Boris Johnson suffered a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons last night. Twenty-o

Trump pushing to allow logging in the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest

By Shayan Shakir President Donald Trump is pushing to allow logging in the Tongass National Forest, which is currently the larges

Boris Johnson faces backlash over parliament suspension

By Shayan Shakir There has been outrage from the public and cross party MPs at Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament in Septembe