Will Coronavirus affect the US election?

Will Coronavirus affect the US election?
Will Coronavirus affect the US election?

With election day looming in the US, the question on everyone’s mind is will Donald Trump make the second term of his Presidency? 

2020 has been the most chaotic year in the world, especially the US, has ever seen. The US has the highest amount of coronavirus cases and deaths in the world, there were nationwide protests because of systematic racism, their economy is crashing – the next President has a very tough job. 

Public opinion may have altered people’s perception of Donald Trump because of his response to these catastrophic events of the past year, and also a whole new generation of voters has the possibility to pass the presidency to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

In a normal election, both candidates have massive campaign strategies; there are usually rallies, conventions, television interviews however with social distancing still in place, this is quite hard to achieve. 

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have had very different approaches. President Trump has still been going ahead with his rallies despite the fact that his country has the highest number of Covid-19 cases whereas Mr. Biden has been using Zoom to boost his campaign. 

The President always has an edge when campaigning for their second term, however, his response form COVID may lose him a lot of votes. Trump claimed that the US would get through the pandemic because they have the strongest economy in the world, fast forward 6 months and almost a quarter of the American workforce is unemployed.  

There’s also been some clash over how people are going to vote to see as some aren’t going to want to leave their home during this pandemic. Voting by mail has been proposed however Trump claims that voting by mail encourages fraud and should not be used but there is no evidence of this. 

Furthermore, it would be fair to say that Covid-19 will have a big part to play in this election.