Who will be America’s Next President?

Who will be America's Next President?
Who will be America's Next President?

It seems that Joe Biden has a clear path to victory with 264 wins of the 270 electoral college votes with Trump behind with 214 electoral votes so far. Anika Khan reports.

Here is what we know about the 2020 US election so far:

  • Hundreds of Protestors have called in from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to continue vote counting despite Trump trying to halt the process.
  • Trump leads in Georgia narrows as more postal votes are counted to flip the poll towards Joe Bidden. However, If Biden doesn’t win in Georgia we may not find the results of the US presidential election on Wednesday night.
  • There are high chances for Biden to net Pennsylvania as well. While Trump may net Alaska with three electoral college votes, taking him to 217.
  • In Arizona, Biden’s lead has narrowed slightly. Trump campaign has falsely claimed victory in Arizona. Trump supported went down the streets after a few channels declared Biden as the winner in the state.
  • Trump and his campaign have sued halt vote-counting in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. His campaign has requested to recount the votes in Wisconsin.
  • In order for Trump to win, he needs to win in all the four remaining states of Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania by 57 votes.

The world waits with patience to hear Joe Biden elected as the new president of the USA.