WhatsOn Music Academy Closed For A Festive Holiday

WhatsOn Music Academy is closed on 30th December 2022 for the New Year festive holiday. It will be reopened on Friday 6th of January 2023.

The melodic chord is synonymous with music. The intro to music will typically start with gentle chords played on a guitar and it allows an individual to grow by enabling daily progress. It embraces life in a way that mingles with all of life’s strands. We can never give up on music since we love it so much. So, learn songs from WhatsOn Academy and hone your fundamental guitar chords.

WhatsOn hosts a live music Academy every Friday. There you get the chance to practice your primary and advanced ukulele skills from the safety of your home. What’s more, renowned musicians might even join you in these sessions!

Our renowned music teacher Anupam Chakraborty is always there to give you the best lesson. Due to the festive holiday this week, the class will be closed.

WhatsOn Academy is free for everyone. Music is forever soulful and rejuvenating. Its acts as a stress buster and when learning guitar, it’s helpful. The guitar is a melodious instrument that everyone is fond of it. WhatsOn is all progressive and the epitome of people’s participation in a way it cherishes music.

Classes are going to start over on 6th January 2023.
Thank you for staying with us and wishing you a very Happy New Year! Enjoy the eve!

🎼 Stay Tuned 🎼 
To join us, click the link below!
Make sure you download the Zoom app before you join

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