What’s Happening In Portland? 5 Things You Need To Know

Some Portland residents, including city council members, have accused Wheeler of not reining in local police, who have used teargas multiple times before federal agents arrived early this month

Anti-racism protests have been taking place in Portland, Oregon, for almost two months, in a show of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Recently, Portland has been hitting the headlines in regards to the growing unrest in the city following Trumps response to the ongoing demonstrations and protests.

Here are 5 things that you need to know:

  • During recent BLM demonstrations in the city, protesters have been joined by a growing number of moms who have been dubbed as the “Wall of Moms”. These moms have been acting as a human shield between the protesters and the federal officers sent in by Trump to disperse them.
  • Tensions have been rising in Portland after President Trump sent federal agents into the city in response to the nightly demonstrations over the tragic police killing of George Floyd in May.
  • While Trump claims that he is trying to restore order in the city, local officials suspect that he is, in fact, using these tactics to try to boost his chances of re-election in November.
  • Many witnesses at recent demonstrations have reported seeing federal officers in unmarked vehicles removing protesters from the streets and detaining them. Tear gas has also been used on protestors.
  • Most recently, Ted Wheeler, the Democratic mayor of Portland was teargassed by federal agents while attending a demonstration. Wheeler has publically given backing to protesters against ‘Trump’s occupation of this city’. However, some Portland residents previously accused Wheeler of not reining in local police who used teargas multiple times on protesters before federal agents arrived earlier this month.