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Wednesday Wisdom: Selected Books You Must Read!

Here’s a handy list for those of us who tend to read a lot of mystery novels. Like, a lot a lot. There will be many murders to solve in 2023, and it’s important to budget your time properly. We’ve gathered here 4 most anticipated mysteries, crimes and thrillers novel in 2023 till now.

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson 

“Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone” is a captivating murder mystery novel by Benjamin Stevenson. The story follows Ernie Cunningham, a teacher and crime novel enthusiast, whose family reunion at a ski resort turns into a complex whodunit scenario. Uncovering a web of mysteries and secrets, Ernie suspects the involvement of a notorious serial killer known as the Black Tongue. The novel explores the aftermath of Ernie’s conflicted loyalty towards his brother, Michael, whom he reported to the police for attempted murder. As Ernie delves deeper into the family’s dark secrets, the line between reality and fiction blurs, leading to personal growth and introspection amidst the chaos. Stevenson’s unique storytelling style blends mystery, dark humor, and thought-provoking themes of loyalty and morality, creating a thrilling and engaging read.

The Bandit Queens by Parini Shroff 

A young Indian woman finds the false rumors that she killed her husband surprisingly useful. Until other women in the village start asking for her help getting rid of their own husbands.

Geeta’s husband disappeared without a trace five years ago, leaving her with the lingering reputation of his alleged murder. In her remote Indian village, the rumor persists, overshadowing her actual loss. However, this unexpected notoriety as a “self-made” widow has its advantages. Geeta enjoys a newfound freedom, shielded from harassment and unwanted advances. While her jewelry business thrives as customers dare not defy her. The allure of her emancipated life attracts other women seeking her guidance, albeit not always in the friendliest manner. Geeta must navigate the treacherous waters of her dangerous reputation, striving to protect the life she has painstakingly built. Yet, as the saying goes, even the most carefully laid plans of aspiring widows often veer off course. The ensuing events set off a chain reaction that promises to reshape not only Geeta’s existence. But also the lives of all the women in their village. Parini Shroff’s The Bandit Queens is an extraordinary debut, blending humor, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of women. Whose stories will resonate long after the final page.

The Blackhouse by Carole Johnstone

In a remote village of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, Robert Reid relocates his family in search of hope, safety, and a close-knit community. However, burdened by a terrible secret, Robert is forever an outsider despite his efforts to assimilate. Amidst the ferocious storms that haunt the Hebridean landscape, Robert’s grip on reality loosens. Convinced that his destiny on the isolated island of Kilmeray is inescapable. Meanwhile, since her early years, Maggie MacKay has sensed an underlying disturbance within herself. At the tender age of five, she proclaimed the occurrence of a murder on Kilmeray. A place she had never set foot on—leading to media frenzy and irreparable divisions among the locals. Now, nearly two decades later, Maggie is resolute in uncovering the islanders’ concealed truths and discovering what truly transpired. However, as ominous threats target her, Maggie must confront the risks she is willing to take to unearth the horrifying reality. With its eerie allure and captivating suspense, The Blackhouse offers readers an unforgettable and chilling tale.

Murder Book by Thomas Perry 

When a series of crimes strikes small midwestern towns, Harry Duncan, an ex-cop with unconventional methods, is called upon by his ex-wife, Ellen Leicester, who now serves as the U.S. Attorney for the region. Reluctant to face a powerful criminal organization, Duncan agrees due to his unresolved feelings for Ellen. Initially hired to assess the need for an FBI investigation, Duncan quickly realizes the syndicate is more dangerous than anticipated. He begins compiling a meticulous “murder book” to build his case. But his investigation puts both himself and Ellen in jeopardy. Thomas Perry’s Murder Book takes readers on a thrilling and suspenseful journey through crime-infested midwestern towns. Featuring unforgettable characters, gripping action, and heart-pounding plotting that will keep you hooked until the last page.

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