Wednesday Wisdom: Good Books to end this year with!

Wednesday Wisdom: Books to end this year with!
Wednesday Wisdom: Books to end this year with!

For this week, our book editor Naomi Round brings you the review of some wonderful reads that will help you to build good resolutions for next year and end this year with a hopeful note!

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens ****

Sophie Cousens brings you another romantic novel; a delightful and engaging read. The story revolves around Minnie who meets Quinn at a New Years’ Eve Party. Both of them seem to be poles apart except for the fact that they are born at the same place at the same time on NYE. This crazy consequence leads them to develop a friendship as they keep on bumping into each other.

All About Us by Tom Ellen ***

If you are a fan of One Day, Me Before You then this is the book for you. Author of One Day in December, Tom Ellen brings you a powerful love story that redefines the meaning of hope, heartbreak, loss, and friendship. The story revolves around Ben who is going through a rough patch with his girlfriend Daphne. He comes across Alice, an old friend from the past. One thing leads to another and he recalls how things would have turned out if he did things differently all those years ago.

He finds a mysterious watch one winter night and is astonied to wake up on the day he kissed Daphne for the first time. Now Ben got the opportunity to turn time around and make things different. The novel depicts how the choices we make shape our destiny.

The Wish List by Sophie Money- Coutts ****

The story revolves around Florence, who works in a little Bookshop in Chelsea. She has been single for a while now but she has found solace in her loneliness. One day Florence meets eccentric Gwendolyn who makes her write a wish list to describe her perfect man. She writes them down, thinking it is impossible to ever find someone with all her requirements. But things change as one day a handsome blond man comes along Florence’s Bookshop.

This coming of age drama will surely put a smile on your face.

Wake Up to the Joy of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos ****

Wake up to the Joy of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos is about a book about self-discovery, finding peace and joy. Agapi guides the readers to let go and to seek what works for us. Prepare to learn on how to cultivate building blocks of self-care and comfront roadblocks in life.

The book taught me on how to learn to trust myself my intuitions, and connect to a bigger spirit that lives inside me.