Wednesday Wisdom: Books to Read this Winter

Wednesday Wisdom Books to read this Winter
Wednesday Wisdom Books to read this Winter

Witty Winter is here! I am loving this cool breeze and all the amazing foods. This week we thought of welcoming Winter season with books and picked these 3 books for you to read on the lazy evenings with a mug full of coffee!

Let’s check out our picks of this week.

1. ‘Winter’ by Ali Smith****

‘Winter’ by Ali Smith

Winter? Bleak. Frosty wind, earth as iron, water as stone, so the old song goes. The shortest days, the longest nights. The trees are bare and shivering. The summer leaves? Dead litter. The world shrinks; the sap sinks. But Winter makes things visible. And if there’s ice, there’ll be fire.

In Ali Smith’s Winter, lifeforce matches up to the toughest of the seasons. The story is a simple one about Sophia Cleves, who is readying for her long-absent son, Art, to return home from London for Christmas with his girlfriend. But things weren’t okay with Art and his girlfriend, so he hired a stranger to join him and pretend to be his girlfriend. But life is uncertain, so it goes wrong. It’s the season that teaches us survival. Here comes Winter.

2. ‘A Week in Winter’ by Maeve Binchy***

‘A Week in Winter’ by Maeve Binchy

In this book, Maeve Binchy embraces us with her grand storytelling of Stoneybridge is a small town on the west coast of Ireland where all the families know each other. The story starts when Chicky Starr takes an old, decaying mansion set high on the cliffs to turn into a restful place for a holiday, and everyone thinks she is crazy. But with help somehow, she finally managed to do it right and welcome its first guests.

3. ‘We Met in December’ by Rosie Curtis****

‘We Met in December’ by Rosie Curtis

It is a perfect pick for a light, romantic, soft, and wintery read. Rosie Curtis’s, We Met in December is about a love triangle in a winter holiday. The character Jess moved to London after years of dreaming of life in the city. In her new Notting Hill house-share, Jess and her new roommates come together over a Christmas dinner. That’s when she’s drawn to Alex, the man who shares her floor, and as the winter holiday progresses, they grow closer. Then an inconvenient love triangle stands in their way but remains in Love.