Wednesday Wisdom: 5 books to read now!

Wednesday Wisdom: 5 books to read now!
Wednesday Wisdom: 5 books to read now!

Our book editor, Naomi Round brings you the list of the top five books from 2020 to read this week. Indulge in the best-sellers from last year!

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah ****

Comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah brings us an incredibly entertaining and, in many ways, educational look at his childhood and growing up during the twilight years of Apartheid and the dawn of a new free South Africa. This memoir is quite eye-opening in many respects.

Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand ****

We are taken through the remarkable journey of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We see how they met and fell in love. The story also reveals why the couple chooses to pursue a different independent path away from their royal titles. The writers have witnessed the young couple’s life in close proximity.

Hood Feminism by Miki Kendall ****

The books says that wage gaps, access to education, and health care are not the only prevailing feminist issues. Fighting against racism, religious fanatics, and existing transmisogyny are the issues that the white feminists often fail to see. Perceptive and subversive the book assesses how we can save this movement in flux.

Life will see you Now by Gavin Oattes ****

Comedian and author Gavin Oattes brings you a book to encourage the readers to accept the challenges that life throws at them. Changes are never easy but Oattes urges us to take the first step and make those changes regardless. The book emphasizes the little things, the little emotions from our daily lives that can make us feel the most alive. “Close your eyes and remember that feeling right there at that moment?”

The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel *****

Hilary Mantel proves once again that she is just too good at what she does. She has brought to life an incredibly vivid portrayal of Cromwell and the suspenseful setting of the Tudor court and its political turmoil in the aftermath of Anne Boleyn’s execution. Incredibly compelling and nuanced!