Watch the official trailer for Courtney Barnett’s ‘Anonymous Club’

The trailer for ‘Anonymous Club,’ a documentary about Courtney Barnett’s private life as she released her second album, has been released.

The film, which was shot over the course of three years, will provide unprecedented insight into Courtney Barnett’s personal life. Danny Cohen, who has directed several music videos with Barnett, is behind the camera in the director’s chair. Cohen has collaborated with Barnett in creating her many music videos including the video for ‘Everybody Hates You’ and ‘Need A Little Time.

‘Anonymous Club,’ shot on 16mm film over three years, allows viewers into Barnett’s world as she tours and promotes her 2018 album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel.’ The documentary is named after a song by Barnett from his 2013 album ‘The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas.’

Barnett can be heard saying:

“I woke up having one of those, like, just feeling sad days,” “I think sometimes it’s OK to feel sad and keep on going with what you’re doing.”

The teaser, which was released by Film Art Media, features Barnett in a variety of settings, including contemplative musings on mental health and panic attacks, as well as performance footage from major festival stages around the world. Take a peek at the videos below.

Director Danny Cohen’s Kodak film footage, which clocked in at roughly 25 to 30 hours of footage before being cut down to 83 minutes, is used to narrate ‘Anonymous Club.’

The film Anonymous Club screened at film festivals in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney earlier this year, and while there have been a few trailers floating around for those screenings, here is the official trailer. In March 2022, it will be released in theaters nationwide. ‘Anonymous Club’ is slated for theatrical release in Australia in March 2022, with global dates still to be confirmed.

So lets enjoy the Trailer: