Lil Nas X drops new MV ‘That’s What I Want’

Lil Nas X has released the video for his new single “That’s What I Want” to coincide with the release of his highly anticipated first album “Montero” and also with two huge advertising tie-ins. 

In the first commercial, he shills Taco Bell’s Toasted Breakfast Burritos in a pink pompadour wig. Then there’s a series of adverts for Uber Eats, in which his comic foil is Elton John.

Lil Nas X has been at the top of the music world since he bought a beat online for $30 and turned it into Old Town Road, which became the longest-running No 1 single in US history. The 22-year-old has won so many awards and nominations they require their own Wikipedia page. They’re the kind of big-money gigs you only get if you’re in pop’s upper echelons, which Lil Nas X undoubtedly is.

Lil Nas X is one of the biggest rappers in the world, and he’s an out gay man who places his sexuality front and center in his music. His last single, Industry Baby, came with a video set in a prison in which Lil Nas X leads a troupe of naked men in a dance routine in the showers. Its lyrics add being gay to the list of Things Rappers Brag About amid the usual stuff about racks and plaques.

The video, directed by Stillz, sees Nas X – real name Montero Hill – fall in love with another man. The two have sex in a locker room during a football game, before doing the same in a tent while camping, in a potential nod to Brokeback Mountain.

Nas X then goes to the man’s house to present flowers, only to discover that he is married and has a child. Nas X returns home, crying, and passes out from drinking, before being shown going down the aisle in a bridal gown and receiving a guitar from a priest (played by Billy Porter).

On his Official Instagram account he posted about this song dropping news.

The video was headed by ‘The Montero Show’, which features an hour-long run-through of all of Snoop’s videos, as well as select performances from his upcoming MTV Video Music Awards performance.

In the video, he evades a bunch of questions around ‘Old Town Road’, before ranking all his videos ranked from his least to most favorite.

Lets watch the video: