Wa Wa Punx’s new single ‘Danny sucks at video games’

Music Reviews: Dany sucks at video Games
Music Reviews: Dany sucks at video Games

Danny Sucks at Video Games is the new single from Dutch/British/American duo WA Wa Punx, a punk/garage/electronic duo consisted of Dylan, the Dutch Brit, and Corey, the American of the duo. Adam Humphries report.

Dylan and Corey both met whilst Dylan was on tour in The States with his then-band Bears from Labrador. They since hooked up and have been making their own style of music ever since. And, Danny Sucks at Video Games is one of the singles to be released on their upcoming album Hero Rhymes with Zero.

Danny sucks at video games

Even though it is a fresh new one it sounds like something that came out of the 70’s punk era and has The Horrors feel to it, think Count in Fives. It sounds quite energetic and something you would probably end up moshing to if you ever heard it at a live gig.

Now for anyone who is a fan of video games, the video that accompanies this song is a montage of computer games starting from your parent’s favorites (yes, they did play them back in the day) to the racing games right up to the Grand Theft Auto lovers.

The single is set to be out on the 2 November 2020.