This is our ideal chance to vote tactically. Incase you missed it – people are planning to vote tactically in mass. Politics may rule the planet, however it’s clearly needs fixing. Until then, people get ready to vote tactically and vote Boris Johnson out! However the main barrier to this is the oppositions. They’re divided and because of our crap electoral system, unfortunately Tories always get to divide & rule. 
The way to stop this is by voting tactically. That means voting for who ever is most likely to defeat the Tories in any given area.
So if you are in a Labour area, or Labour / Tory marginals, you need to vote Labour.
If you are in a LibDem area or LibDem / Tory marginals, you need to vote LibDem.
Same goes for the Green, Independents, Played Cymru, and  SNP
For recommendation of best candidate to beat the Tories, just go to
This election is once in a generation to transform our country. We at WhatsOn believe that Labour policies for real change is what Britain needs: Free Broad band, Abolition of Tuition fees, More Housing, Green revolution Nationalisation of Mail, Rail & Utilities, End of Austerity, Secured NHS.
Besides Corbin got empathy for others as he connects with ordinary people. Whilst Boris Johnson is a racist, sexist and elitist -he doesn’t care! If Tories win the corporates wins, the Big Banks wins, the Billionaires wins. If Corbin wins, all of us wins – giving power back to the people!
Sam Alim, WhatsOn Director urged every body: “Let’s  vote for the interests of many and not just few! It’s time to vote tactically! It’s time to vote the Tories out! it’s time for change!”