Violence erupts in East Jerusalem

.Violence erupts in East Jerusalem
Violence erupts in East Jerusalem

Israeli police have attacked supporters of Palestinian families whose faces eviction in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The incidents occurred when an Israeli high court is set to judge whether the families are going to stay or not.

Late on Wednesday, dozens of Israeli police in riot gear, deploying water cannons and tear gas among the Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem.  Footage shows that police forcing protesters to the bottom, dragging and hitting both men and ladies. Some needed medical assistance, while others were blindfolded, handcuffed, and surrounded by the police.

All the demonstrators assembled in Sheikh Jarrah to support several families who are being forced to leave their homes. While demonstrators threw chairs and fireworks, Israeli forces fired tear gas and used water cannons.

As this violent incident is latest except for several days, police are present in Sheikh Jarrah forcibly dispersing the crowds, with a minimum of 12 Palestinians having been injured since Sunday. According to UN, from the start of the year, at least one Palestinian fatality and more than 210 incidents of settler violence have happened.

A hearing scheduled at Jerusalem’s Supreme Court for Thursday is about to make a decision whether to offer the Palestinians a right to appeal the lower court’s ruling to displace them.


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