US Presidential Election Updates

US Presidential Election Updates
US Presidential Election Updates

With only a week away from the final Election Day, the presidential candidates are making last stop campaigns to gather last-minute votes. Anika Khan reports.

We bring you with the latest updates on the US presidential election 2020:
  • Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he will be campaigning in Iowa and Georgia in addition to Wisconsin and Florida. This has filled the democrats with both hope and fear for winning the Presidential position this year. On the other hand, Trump is set to making campaign stops in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Nevada.
  • The Texas Supreme Court has upheld the rule for a single ballot dropbox per county.  Limiting the ballot drop will enhance election security. This decision has met severe backlash from the democrats and voting rights groups
  • Over 69.5 million Americans have already voted early or mailed in their local ballots. The ongoing pandemic, the fear of postal delays, and passions inspired by the candidates have all contributed to the record of early votes. It is safe to say that the pandemic has transformed everything about this election season.
  • Americans voting from abroad worry that their mail-in ballots will not arrive by 3 November. The Supreme Court has decided that late arrivals in some states will not be counted at all. Over 7.7 million citizens and military service holders live overseas. This will highly impact the voting polls.
  • Donald Trump’s campaign website got briefly hacked on Tuesday.Law enforcement authorities are investigating the source of the attack. Just last week, Trump said how nobody can get hacked. He said, “To get hacked you need somebody with 197 I.Q.” It seems that someone has outsmarted Mr. President. What an Irony.