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Unmissable Music: Top Gigs & Festivals This Week!

Revel in the Resurgence: Summer 2023’s Unforgettable Music Spectacular! From Glastonbury to Reading & Leeds, Download to Latitude, and BST Hyde Park, Stellar Lineups Set the Stage for Epic Festivals. And That’s Not All! Brace for Massive Tours and Concerts featuring 50 Cent, Robert Mitchell, and More. Get Ready to Embrace the Music-Fueled Joy that Awaits!

London Music Festival 2023

Festival Frenzy Returns: London’s Musical Extravaganza! Glastonbury Reveals Epic Headliners, Setting the Stage for an Unforgettable Summer. Prepare for a Stacked Lineup of Musical Gems, Ready to Ignite the Dance Floors. Crack Open the Cans, Embrace the Glitter, and Unleash Your Moves. Get Set for an Unforgettable Journey through London’s Vibrant Festival Scene. Summer 2023, Here We Come!

Line-up: DEMUREEstelle MeyEstranger, and Splitworms

Upcoming concerts When & where>

GALA (May 26, 27 & 28)

Location: Peckham Rye Park, Peckham.

Wide Awake (May 27)

Location: Brockwell Park, Brixton.

Live at the Palace (May 27 & 28 & July 28, 29 & 30)

Location: Fulham Palace, Putney Bridge.

Cross The Tracks (May 28)

For More> For More> https://www.songkick.com

50 Cent

Cryptocurrency Extravaganza: Bitcoin Week 2023 at E11EVEN! Uniting Finance and Entertainment with Hip Hop Icon 50 Cent on May 19th. Immerse in a Sensory Delight of Cirque-style Dance, Mesmerizing Go-Go Dancers, Mind-Blowing LED Video Walls, Epic Sound System, VIP Tables, Opulent Bottle Service, and Exquisite Culinary Delights. Prepare for an Unparalleled Fusion of Finance and Entertainment!

Upcoming concerts When & where>


29 NE 11th St 33132, Miami, FL, US

May 19, 2023, From: 08:00 PM To 10:00 AM


621 W. 4th St.10036Manhattan, NY, US

Sunday 21 May 2023 

Robert Mitchell

Ninety One Living Room, London, UK

Robert Mitchell & True Think: Musical Brilliance Unleashed! Jazz luminary Robert Mitchell collaborates with True Think for their groundbreaking double album ‘Hold The Light/The New Resistance’. Blending genres and pushing boundaries, their unique sound fuses Electronic, Jazz, RnB, Spoken Word, Film, and Folk. Liselotte Östblom’s vocals, Zayn Mohammed’s guitar, Tom Mason’s bass/keys, and Saleem Raman’s percussion create captivating soundscapes of protest, love, and peace.

Line-up: Robert Mitchell, JAZZ RE:FRESHED

Upcoming concerts When & where>

Ninety One Living Room

91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL

London, UK

For More> https://www.songkick.com

Zachary Aghaizu: On The Fly

Sonic Alchemy Unleashed: A Musical Odyssey of Spontaneous Creation! Witness the Birth of Soulful Sounds, Dynamic Rhythms, and Harmonious Journeys. Engage in Co-Creation as the Audience Influences Live Samples, Inspiring an Ever-Flowing Stream of Melodic Vibes. Embark on an Experimental Fusion of RnB, Neosoul, Lofi, HipHop, Electronic, Afro, Funk, Baile Funk, Rnb drill, Future Beats, and House. Prepare for an Unforgettable Musical Expedition Beyond Imagination!

Upcoming concerts When & where>

Friday May 19th, 2023 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
@ Social Convention in London

For More> https://www.songkick.com

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