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UK Conservative Faces leadership crisis: Is Rishi Sunak Next?

Britain is facing a major leadership crisis amid Prime Minister Liz Truss’s announced her resignation less than seven weeks into her team. During her tenure as Britain’s shortest reigning prime minister, Truss saw the pound’s value plummet. At the same time, she pushed for sweeping tax cuts on the rich. The Tory party has been in a “ridiculous, chaotic circus”. Leading candidates to replace Truss include former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, House of Commons leader Penny Mordaunt and even disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

left Labour MPs are warning their leadership that they must offer a socialist alternative to whoever is elected. Former chancellor Mr Sunak declared that he was running to be the next leader of the Tories and the country’s next prime minister. Some reports suggest that Mr Sunak is on the course to win the backing of more than 200 Tory MPs in the contest. But Penny Mordaunt is reportedly struggling to reach the 100-member target, which she needs. If three candidates meet the threshold there will be an election later today to whittle the number down. But labour leader Sir Keir Starmer slammed the “ridiculous, chaotic circus” taking place at the top of the Tory Party. But Labour MP Diane Abbott warned her party leadership they should stop concentrating on purges against the left.

Rishi Sunak backing the votes

Islington North MP and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “Whoever the prime minister is, they need to offer the public a transformative alternative: wealth tax, public ownership and a massive redistribution of power”. The union leader also added their voices to call for an immediate general election. Writing in the independent, Unison general secretary Christina McAnea said: “voters must be given the chance to choose a new government.”

Rishi Sunak tweeted and said, “The United Kingdom is a great country, but we face a profound economic crisis. That’s why I am standing to be Leader of the Conservative party and your next Prime Minister.” Sunak has won people’s trust and backing. But the left needs to step up and go on for the general elections for a socialist approach.

Boris Johnson vs Rishi Sunak

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