Top Sports Events Cancelled So Far Due to Coronavirus

Sports event cancelled
Sports event cancelled

More than 100 countries in the world have been affected so far by the coronavirus. Many world sports events have been cancelled by the massive spread of Coronavirus. Here we will Discuss about Some top sports events which has been cancelled by the virus.

1. Indian Wells tennis tournament

The ongoing California tournament was called off after a Covid-19 case was revealed in Coachella Valley. Organizers wants the safety of the players and attendees. According to the organizers they cancelled the tournament by the guidance of medical professionals, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), and State of California. Nadal tweeted his sadness over the rise in COVID-19 cases and urged fans to “stay well and safe”.

2. Serie A League – Italy

Including Italy’s top football league Serie A, all sporting events in Italy will be suspended until April 3 due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. But the teams which are playing the Champions League and Europa League have to continue their journey. Italy prime minister Giuseppe Conte declared: “There won’t be just a red zone,” expanding the lockdown from the country’s north to the entirety of Italy. “There is no reason why matches and sporting events should continue and I am thinking of the football championship”, he added.

3. Six Nations Championship

Six-Nations-rugby Cancelled

Saturday’s match between France and Ireland is the latest Six Nations fixture to be postponed because of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. The decision follows earlier steps to postpone the Ireland v Italy and Italy v England fixtures. In the Women’s Six Nations fixture, match between Wales and Scotland also been postponed after a Scottish player tested positive for the virus. According to a statement by the officials it said, “No immediate announcement will be made on rescheduling as we will need to discuss with all relevant stakeholders and assess the evolution of the situation.”

4. Tokyo Olympics lighting ceremony

Tokyo-Olympic-Lighting-Ceremony cancelled

The lighting ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics has been cancelled by the massive spread of coronavirus. Greece’s Olympic Committee says spectators will be excluded from both the dress rehearsal on Wednesday and the ceremony on Thursday.

5. FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in Asia

FIFA-World-Cup- Asia-Qualifiers Cancelled

FIFA have postponed all World Cup Qualifiers in Asia during March and June. In a statement on its website on Monday, the governing body for football said: “Matches originally scheduled to take place during the international window of 23 to 31 March 2020 and 1 to 9 June 2020 are postponed to later dates.”

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