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Tony Visconti Argues: “Harry Styles Is Following David Bowie”

“From what I observed tonight, he is unfit to hold up his shoes”

Early this morning (February 6), the American producer—who is well-known for working with Bowie for his whole life. However, took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, in Los Angeles, (February 5).

What distinguishes the Grammy Awards from Las Vegas? He posted, “Nothing!” as his status.

At the 65th GRAMMY Awards, which are held in Crypto.com Arena on Feb 5, 2023, in Los Angeles, California, Harry Styles gives a live performance

His thoughts on Styles, who performed his top song “As It Was” live. And got Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Albums for his third solo album, “Harry’s House”

“Just heard that Harry Styles is the next Bowie,” you ask. Visconti added a few of his own remarks. He’s not deserving of sparkling in his shoes, based on what I observed tonight.”

“There will NEVER be somebody that’s the new David Bowie. He occupies a class of his own and will always be unique”, one of Visconti’s followers wrote in comments section.

“Tony, appreciate you, thank you for stating what a lot of us are thinking,” said another.

When Styles’ self-titled first solo album got released in 2017, someone else remarked they heard the same connection. And “immediately shouted ‘nope’.” Bowie was unique.

“That said, I appreciate Harry as a parent of a teen,” they said.

Visconti shared an unseen tale of a “goosebumps” encounter he felt when recording Bowie’s song “Weeping Wall” earlier this year.

Additionally, he went on a UK tour last year dubbed “Tony Visconti: The Best of Bowie”. Where his band played songs from Bowie’s discography. Styles won Album of the Year, Lizzo won Record of the Year, Bonnie Raitt won Song of the Year. And Samara Joy took home the big four Grammys (Best New Artist).

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