Timothée Chalamet reveals his secret Xbox 360 YouTube channel

According to an in-depth investigation published recently, Dune star Timothée Chalamet may have formerly run a YouTube channel dedicated to modifying Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Timothée Chalamet may have formerly spent his free time altering Xbox 360 controllers and showcasing them on a YouTube channel called ModdedController360, according to long-running fan speculations and a Motherboard investigation.
  • Fans claim that he used to mod and sell Xbox 360 controllers through the channel. While no face is visible, several pieces of alleged evidence – including a voice message – suggest he was behind the scenes showing off controller mods.
  • Another piece of supposed evidence lies in Chalamet’s hands, as a particular scar is visible on the same finger of both Chalamet and the mysterious ModdedController360.
  • Chalamet’s hands also hold another piece of alleged evidence, as a certain scar can be seen on the same finger of both Chalamet and the mystery ModdedController360.
  • After reviewing the alleged evidence, Aric Toler concluded that it definitely appears to be him. He also said that the background in the video certainly seems to line up with an image posted online earlier this year.
  • Aric Toler, a Bellingcat investigator who has looked into everything from climate change to war crimes, concurred with Motherboard that Chalamet appeared to be the one on camera in the ModdedController360 videos.
  • Toler determined after studying the alleged proof that it “looks like it’s him” and agreed that the background in the video appeared to match the image Chalamet had shared.

According to a Motherboard investigation, the background of each video appears to match a photo that Chalamet himself uploaded on Instagram. Close-ups from ModdedController360’s films appear to match various items of furniture in Chalamet’s photo, including what appears to be the identical computer chair, red rug, bean bag, and carpet.

Have a look below is the short clip: