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Thursday Thrill: Upcoming 5 events you shouldn’t miss out on!



Looking for some new amazing jamboree to spend a lovely time all around the world? We are here with 5 amazing new events which are happening in these upcoming weeks. You can choose your desirable day to enjoy these festivals.

Bippo the Clown

12 June 2021, M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, L3 4FP

Bippo’s Circus Spectacular, the favorite comedy clown, has recently entertained families in Shone Productions’ sparkling panto Sleeping Beauty. Now he returns with this fantastic circus-style variety show and there is also a chance for the audience to get involved in the fun, with the ‘what’s next?’ part of the live show giving people a say in what they want to see – while the performers battle it out to win the audience vote. The madcap mayhem comes to a climax with a ‘slosh’ style finale. But don’t worry if you are on a front-row, waterproofs will be provided! To get more you need to book the ticket and join the show.

Booking website: www.mandsbankarena.com/

Waterlily Celebration

June 19, 2021, Vero Beach, Florida

In June, the water lilies are in full bloom and McKee Botanical Garden, an unusual historic garden in Vero Beach that was once a popular roadside attraction, celebrates the event. The gardens, a little-known gem worth discovering, recently opened an innovative children’s garden.

More information> Waterlily Celebration, Vero Beach, 

Inti Raymi Festival

24 June 2021, Cusco, Peru

Inti Raymi was and is a traditional Inca religious festival, a way to worship the sun god, Inti. Not only did the date, slap-bang in the middle of June, mark the end of winter, but also the winter solstice: the beginning of the days getting brighter and longer again.

To get more information: http://www.discover-peru.org/inti-raymi/

Haro Wine Festival

28 to 30 June, Spain

Batalla de Vino, a.k.a. Wine Battle, is as sticky as it sounds. The residents of the La Rioja town of Haro get together around the day of their patron saint, Saint Pedro, to pelt each other with wine.

For more Info> https://www.harowinefight.com/

Yasmin David: Into the Light

3 July 2021, The New Art Gallery Walsall, London

The New Art Gallery Walsall is pleased to present an exhibition of atmospheric landscape paintings by 20th-century British painter Yasmin David. A selection of these will be seen for the first time in the exhibition at The New Art Gallery which runs from 3 July until the end of the year.

For further information: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/yasmin-david-into-the-light-exhibition-launch-with-film-screening-and-qa-registration-153817936589


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