The Shakrain Reloaded 2022: Sky lit up with kites, lights, fireworks

The one & only famous festival of Old Dhaka “Shakrain Reloaded 2022 has been celebrated marvelously. The celebration starts with kite flying and ends with DJ and VDJ program. 

Razzo guy’s has celebrated it in a grand way again.

The festival is an annual festival in Dhaka. It marks the end of the ninth month of Bengali calender, Poush. The day is also known as Poush Shakrain as well.

The organizer of The Shakrain Reloaded 2022 and DJ Utshab Haseen said WhatsOn,

“like the previous year, we also have arranged this program maintaining all protocol. People from new Dhaka visit our old Dhaka to enjoy the program. We specially arrange this program for them so that they can come here and enjoy the program by themselves.”

To celebrate the day more delightfully thousands of people got on rooftops for singing, dancing, and flying kites. Flame-eaters and fire-spinners also gathered on rooftops to entertain people with their skills.