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The Match of Former World Champions Ends in a Draw

Now, this is what the World Cup is all about! The head-to-head competition among the best of the bests, the excitement in the air, the tension in every beat of our hearts. And that was surely the case in every second of the match between Germany and Spain. Although neither of the former champions could out-best another, this is the kind of game that’ll be celebrated throughout history.

Spain Keeps Up with Their Outstanding Performance in The World Cup

After their glorious 7-0 win against Costa Rica, Spain has again shown a wonderful performance against Germany. Love them or hate them, you’ll have to admit that the team play of these red warriors was such a delight to see. Although they couldn’t take the match home, they undoubtedly dominated the match with their very best. The statistics show that they had 64.2% possession over 35.8% possession of Germany.

On top of that, they were up against the mighty German football team, who are feared by even the very best in this industry. Not only have they held their own against Germany but they also outperformed them throughout the first half of the game. Alvaro Morata’s goal in the 62nd minute showed nothing short of sheer excellence and incredible skills.

Moreover, the statistics of the match suggest how head-to-head competitive the match was. Even though the mesmerizing Spanish football team couldn’t score the winning goal in this one, they are still most likely to become the group champion.

Germany Lives to Fight Another Day, The Hope Lives On in the German Fans

After Germany’s surprising loss to Japan, this match was nothing less than a suspenseful-thriller film for German supporters. As the whole match was full of attacks and counter-attacks from both sides, the fans had to hold their breaths for most of the 90 minutes. On top of that, the Spanish team had kept the four-time world champions under hellish pressure throughout the whole match.

It has been seen that, the German team almost succumbed to the pressure. However, they somehow managed to hold their own and kept Spain from scoring in the first half. Soon as it appeared that all hope was lost, the white knight made a tremendous comeback in the second half. Not only had they held up an incredible defense against Spain’s dominating attacks. They also turned the tide with their skillful counter-attacks. 

The equalizing goal scored by Niclas Fullkrug in the 83rd minute of the game came along as a savior for the team. It surely saved the day for Germany, giving them another chance to fight for their survival in this world cup. Hopefully, they will bring their very best against Costa Rica this coming Friday, which will be their last chance of getting into the round of 16. So fingers crossed!

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